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Drawing 40: My Battlefield

Drawing 41: Fine


Drawing 42: The Doctor

Drawing 40: My Battlefield. 7/4/18. 


The battle is trying to stay in the Present; embracing what is real: My Doctor, My Dog, My Surroundings. As I sit in The Doctor’s Office fog fills the room. I double. I am real and not real. My eye, face and hands disappear. The fog has memories inside it: parents, hospitals, surgeries, and an unhappy house. 


As I draw or write about this experience I dissociate again. I try hard to focus on the beauty in my life: a quiet sun filled room, a constant companion, my art, the help of a friend, The Doctor. 


I hope I find the skills I need to leave my battlefield behind. 

Drawing 41

Drawing 41: Fine Dining


On the Menu: Parents, Relatives, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Friends, Co-Workers, Every one who overlooked me. 


I am angry enough to eat the World. 


Serve it up.

Drawing 43: Self Care

Drawing 43
Drawing 42

Drawing 42: The Doctor 9/6/18 He listens. He hears. He knows how to help. He is constant. 

Drawing 43:

Self Care 11/20/18 


SELF CARE IS: All of it is a realization of the ways I took care of myself from birth to 66 years old. In a way, even dissociating could be thought of as a form of self care. If I was alone, then I will let five images of me keep me company. If my mother couldn’t protect me, I will be a mother to myself. If need be, at 66 I will give birth to myself! I will love all of my selves. I will love myself. I will acknowledge that I took care of myself as best I could until I understood.